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About Us

Our Mission

Aller Plasma started advocating Cold Plasma technology five years ago. Back in 2015, keeping surfaces and objects germ-free was more of a “luxury” and not the necessity that it is today.

Our first product, a US-China Patented Toy Sterilizer was designed for mothers with newborn babies and toddlers. In 2018, our Plasma Box evolved to incorporate more functions meant for the whole family to use in Philippine households. Back then, our vision was to bring the practice of sterilization into homes and not just within the confines of a hospital.

By the time the Coronavirus hit in 2020, Aller had already established Cold Plasma technology – as seen in our new portable sterilizer device known as the Nano+, which can be placed in cars, rooms and other spaces or placed in a box along with items that need to be sterilized.

The current need for a safer, cleaner and more sterile environment as the economy re-opens has never been more important.

By keeping the air and surfaces clean with an eco-friendly, portable, multi-functional and more affordable product that is easy and safe to use again and again, we hope to decisively ensure better health in the days and months ahead for us and our loved ones.

The Aller Orion Series and its range of plasma sterilizers answers this very urgent and very real need.