Treats areas up to 150sqm

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Its easy maintenance and plug-and-play operation means contamination will be easily reduced in areas and workplaces shared by many people on a regular basis. It’s also ultra-quiet and non-disruptive, plus compact, lightweight and durable, actively sterilizing the air and surfaces every single day.


Room area: Treats up to 150 sqm

Power: 60 W

Power Supply: AC 120V/230V  | 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 370W x 255D x 865H mm

Weight: 22.35 Kg

Construction: Movable with silent wheels (with brake)

Air Volume: 850 cbm/hr

ionTube Size: 520mm (20.5in) x 1 tube

Tube Lifespan: > 2 years (when used continuously 24 hrs.)

Extreme Operating Temperature: +60C, -20C

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The Orion Defend can sanitize and treat residential and commercial indoor spaces of up to 150sqm. Highly effective for use on high foot-traffic areas, large offices, restaurants, hospital wards, clinics and treatment rooms, entrance lobbies, and similar areas.

•    Treats up to 150 sqm
•    Low capital and running costs

      at  P13.00 per 8hrs/day
•    Easy maintenance
•    Slim, powerful, and robust

•    Ultra-quiet operation
•    Environmentally friendly
•    Filter-free
•    Plug and play air sterilizer

•    Movable with silent wheels

      (with brake)

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defend front
defend front

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A slim, powerful and robust air sanitizer that uses a patented, filter-free, super-low energy, cold plasma ionTube technology to produce plasma ions. Ideal for continuous indoor space disinfection covering areas of up to 150sqm.