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Aller Plasma Nano+ emits plasma air in the surrounding environment. This plasma air is a mixture of positive and negative ions that actively kills pathogens, eliminates odors, and harmful VOCs.

Nano+ kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in the air and surfaces.

Nano+ can sterilize up to 30 cubic meters (a size of an average room).

Nano+ is safe to use.

You don’t have to leave your room or your vehicle while the interiors are being sterilized. Safe for pets, too.


Portable & hassle-free

Aller Plasma Nano+ can be carried around without having to worry about its size and installation so you feel protected wherever you are.

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Nano+ is portable. Bring it anywhere with you.

A built-in rechargeable battery only needs 2 hours to fully charge and can be used for up to 2 to 3 hours.

Nano+ is eco-friendly.

It produces no secondary pollutants or chemicals. Needs no bulb or filter replacements. Emits no heat or radiation.


Nano+ means you save.

It runs on minimal energy, with up to 30% savings, with no costs for disposable, consumable accessories like filters and bulbs.

Nano+ is effective.

Proven in tests to be 99.9% successful in eliminating pathogens, odors and harmful aerosols, bacteria and virus cells such as the H1N1 Influenza A virus.

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Nano+ is simple & easy.

Just turn it on and leave it on for at least an hour in a small room, for the duration of a short car ride, or 15 minutes within an enclosed storage box.

Nano+ Advantages

Aller Plasma Nano+ Sterilizer provides countless advantages that makes your life easier.





No Chemicals

Low-Energy Consumption

No Radiation

5 Years Service Life


No Heat

Tested on Everyday Things

Aller Plasma Nano+ Sterilizer is proven to work not only on the macroscopic laboratory testing, but even for the regular things we see at home. See for yourself how effective it is! 

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Ready to Invest in your Safety?

Choose Aller Plasma, choose Nano+.