Aller keeping indoor air clean inside Discovery Suites

It was in 2020 when the first COVID-19 was detected in the country. Because it is a novel virus, the country had to be put into quarantine. A year later, quarantine restrictions are still in place but many businesses are opening and the people are moving to re-open the economy.

Businesses had to adjust and find a more effective way to improve on their already strict health and safety protocols. In the hospitality industry, heightened sanitation efforts are being observed to keep guests safe and provide much-needed peace of mind.

Discovery Suites has been one of the preferred places for business and leisure travelers because of its spacious luxury suites. Located in Ortigas, one of the central business districts in Metro Manila, the residence has opened its doors for those travelers who needed to observe quarantine guidelines and professionals who needed a safe space for work.

In line with its advocacy to provide a safe space for guests, Discovery Suites partnered with Aller, the company that brings air and surface sterilizers in the country, by installing Aller Orion Series inside the residence facility. Aller units are installed inside the 3 hotel elevators and are being plugged in hotel rooms for thorough disinfection.

For Discovery Suite management, the Orion series is effective, safe, and convenient. They love that is it a plug and play machine and is very safe to use even with people around.

The Aller Orion Series is designed for indoor spaces of 30sqm up to 150sqm, providing continuous air and surface disinfection and odor control. It is filterless, easy to move around, an