Aller provides clean air to patrons of Ramen Yushoken, Mendokoro Ramenba, and Kazunori Japanese Res

The COVID-19 pandemic has put much of the world on hold through various restrictions enforced to mitigate virus spread.

The food industry in the country has been greatly affected by the pandemic. With movement restrictions of people, some restaurants have no choice but to put their business on hold. Some, however, have managed to continue with the limited resources they have. As the economy opens up again and the restrictions are easing out a bit, many restaurants are also starting to open up to more patrons while observing heightened safety protocols.

Nippon Hasha Inc. is the company behind Ramen Yushoken, Mendokoro Ramenba, and Kazunori Japanese Restaurant. They currently have 5 locations (4 in Manila and 1 in Cebu) and they have always been the go-to place for people who are looking for the best Japanese ramen experience.

Cleanliness has always been on top of the management’s priority. During the pandemic, however, they have put a strong emphasis on the safety of the air inside their restaurants. “Being in the restaurant business always meant that we should place the cleanliness and sanitation of our surroundings at a high value. Even if we have stringent measures and procedures in place, a lot of what can compromise the safety of our customers are unseen things. Additionally, the threat of COVID-19 made it even more important to mitigate the dangers to our customers in sharing a common space with other people.”, says Ryan Cruz, CEO of Nippon Hasha Inc.

Dining indoors is quite risky as you need to remove your mask when you eat, Nippon Hasha Inc. saw the importance of having clean air to ensure the safety of customers as well as their employees. The company has partnered with Aller to make it possible.

The Aller Orion Series is composed of air sterilizing machines that are portable and low maintenance. According to Cruz, they choose the Aller Orion Series because it is very flexible and can be moved around easily. The company has also invested time to research products that actually work and in the end, choose Aller because of its reliability.