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Product Advantage

ModelAllerOrdinary PurifierOrdinary Disinfection Machines
PrincipleLow- Temperature PlasmaFilter Type (HEPA)Voltage StaticOzone TypeUltraviolet Type
Purified MethondActivePassivePassiveActiveActive/ Passive
Safe on Human
Energy ConsumptionLowHighHighMediumMedium
Secondary Pollution / Side EffectsNoneIf filters are not changed, it will breed bacteriaNon-controllable ozone concentration, nitrogen oxides exceed standard, easy to produce eletromagnetic pollution.High ozone concentration damage human health; nitrogen oxides exceed normal standardUltraviolet radiation causes cancer; produces non-controlled ozone.
Extreme Environmental Usage

Technical Advantage

ProductsNano+Normal PurificationOzone GeneratorUV Light
PrincipleDielectric Barrier DischargeCorona DischargeCorona DischargeUltraviolet
StructureDouble TubeNeedle TypeSingle TubeUV Lightbulb
Dieletric MaterialNew Nano CeramicsNormal Ceramics-
Catalytic CoatingNano Titanium Dioxide-
Formaldehyde Removal Rate> 73%Lower than 60%Lower than 60%Low
Benzene Removal> 86%Lower than 45%Lower than 45%Low
Sterilization Rate99%80%99%Data not stable
Ozone Concentration< 0.05ppm> 0.1ppm> 0.5ppmData not sure; higher or lower
Service Life5 years or more1-2 years1-2 years1-2 years

User Guide - How to Operate


After draining the factory charge, please do an initial charging of the unit for at least two (2) hours without turning the device on.

Plug in the device using the USB cable provided in a stable USB adaptor or socket.

Long press button to turn the device ON/OFF. You will know that the unit is turned on if you see the plasma line inside the device and hear the faint sound of the internal fan.

Gently press button to turn modes from GREEN to RED and vice-versa.

GREEN – Eco-mode (3m3) is ideal to use inside the car. In Eco-mode (Green light), device will turn OFF automatically after a period of time when plugged in.

RED – Enhanced mode (30m3) is ideal to use inside storage bins or in a small room about 10sqm.


WHEN THE LIGHT IS STEADY, this means Nano is fully charged or in-use wirelessly.

  1. Light is steady while Nano is CONNECTED to the charger yet powered OFF means device is FULLY CHARGED.
  2. Light is stead in battery mode and not connected to charger.


  1. …while Nano is connected to charger and switched OFF, this means it is charging. Device will CHARGE FASTER when turned OFF. Charging time: @2 hours
  2. …while Nano is NOT connected to charger, this indicates battery is running low and needs to be charged.

User Guide - Sterilization Time

RED light
(Enhanced Mode)
RED light
(Enhanced Mode)
(Enhanced Mode)
At least 15 to 30 minutes.At least 1 to 2 hours (to feel the difference of improved air quality)At least 30 minutes (to feel the difference of improved air quality)
Arrange items you wish to sterilize inside the box leaving enough space for plasma air to circulate.Plug in the device in an area where you wish to sterilize. No need to leave the room. Plasma ions are safe with people, pets, and even plants!Plug in the device in you USB car port and switch to eco-mode.

REMINDER: Please note that indoor air quality may vary per environment. We DO NOT RECOMMEND using the device plugged in for more than five (5) hours a day. Let the device rest for 2 hours before using it again.

User Guide - Battery Care

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the device continuously plugged for more than 5 hours to avoid short circuits. Please follow recommended sterilization time guides found in the manual. To prolong the lifespan of the built-in battery, avoid frequently draining it.

Safety Precautions


Product Specifications

ModelAller Plasma Nano+
Low-Temperature Plasma Quantity0.4mmol/hr
Sterilization MethodDielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Low-Temperature Plasma
Recommended Space3m² to 30m²
Working Noise23.5 dBA
PowerDC 5V
Power Consumption3W
Dimensions12.2cm x 8.6cm x 7.2cm
Weight0.23 kg
AccessoriesUSB Charging Cable, Magnetic Silica Gel Pad
CertificationsCE, FCC, RoHs


The Aller Plasma Nano+ Sterilizer has been certified effective by the Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology in a crucial series of tests conducted against the H1N1 or Influenza A virus, pollutants such as Benzene and Formaldehyde, Staphylococcus albus bacteria and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as acetaldehyde, ammonia and acetic acid found in cigarette smoke.

Nano+ Applications